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Randy Break has been the exclusive HVAC contractor for the Campbell House Museum since 2007. Campbell House is a 165 year-old mansion that currently runs 7 furnaces and air conditioners. Randy expertly maintains these systems, doing annual spring A/C checks and fall furnace checks. He also maintains the humidifiers on the furnaces. Randy is scrupulously honest always doing only what needs to be done, giving the cost of the repair up front. On occasion the work took longer than he estimated, but he stuck to his quoted price. I give Randy Break the highest recommendation.

Andrew W. Hahn

Executive Director, Campbell House Museum

After 11 + years of continued service from Break Heating & Cooling, Randy and his crew continue to impress us with their loyalty to us as a customer, and, with their honest up front business practice. It has been of great comfort knowing that our house is being kept in tip top shape. We have been extremely happy with Randy's professionalism, knowledge and responsiveness. We would strongly recommend Break Heating & Cooling to anyone looking for HVAC maintenance/repair/installation. 

Dawn S.

Ladue, MO

I ended up interviewing 14 different supposed reputable companies before deciding to go with Randy.  Not only was he the salesman and owner of the company but  also the installer.  The house that we had just bought had radiant heat in the slab concrete floor that wasnt working.  The duct work in the attic portion of the house was made basically of cardboard for the A/C unit that needed to be replaced. None of the other companies I interviewed could give me a decent answer of how they would run the duct work through the slab house or where they would place the new furnace. One company was going to put the furnace in a bedroom closet which the building inspector flagged immediately. Randy was able to come up with an immediate plan that worked perfectly. His knowledge, skill and cleanliness blew me away.  By the way his price was the best price of all the companies I interviewed.

Mark R.

West County

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Randy Break is a genius!  We bought a condo in a 90 year old building that had originally been a six-unit apartment building.  When it was renovated the furnace was placed in what had been a large storage closet in the living room.  Any time the heat or air conditioning came on you couldn't hear any conversation that was going on, or the TV or stereo, without turning the volume up very high, and then jump to turn it down when the blower went off so you didn't burst any eardrums.  This was because the air return was in the wall to the furnace closet with the intake fan right behind the grate and filter.  After checking around we contacted Randy to come see what he could do.  He came up with a framework that reconfigured the placement of the furnace and intake fan, in its same space, that seriously reduced the sound, along with our stress from the noise.  Great mechanic, hard worker, and able to think outside of the box for solutions- wonderful combination!

Linda M.

Clayton, MO

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